Fleet leasing

Fleet leasing; it means that the companies need to supply their vehicles without using their current investment. Using the company’s purchasing channel while supplying the fiilo vehicle brings an excessive financial burden. We take this fee to the minimum level that companies pay. We make the most effective bidding considering your company’s budget.

Philosopher Fleet Rental;
It provides financial deeper to your company.
Time provides convenience in situations that affect workflow such as employee and cash.
In the event of an accident, the equivalent vehicle provides support.
Provides solutions and services in emergencies.
Offers a monthly fixed-price payment advantage.
Allows payments to appear at your expense (accounting).
Balance Sheet and Value Added Tax provide advantages.
Thanks to its wide range of vehicles, it plays an important role in creating an institutional appearance.
Provides regular and supervised operation of the field team.
Leases are long-term, providing a price advantage.

Philosopher Fleet Rental; companies share the service model with the customer by evaluating the vehicle demands from the institutional point of view and obtaining the most appropriate price and performance.