Advantage of Fleet Rental

The most important condition for carrying out the company’s activities is that they have a certain vehicle or equipment.

The need for transportation means is accompanied by a serious investment cost burden. Fleet Rental / Operational Car Rental System offers an effective solution for you.

Fleet Management includes a wide range of services including timely and relevant delivery of vehicles, accident management, maintenance and repair services, tire tracking and change units, 24 hour uninterrupted Assistance support services and regular and company specific reporting on user performance.

We provide special solutions for you … With the
breadth and diversity of our car park, we offer you the best options considering your business.
Financial Benefit Provides Advantage … There is
no capital outflow from your company. You do not need to pay for a purchase or to allocate a specific capital. You can use your credit to purchase your car to grow your business in different sources.
Tax Advantage Provides … With
Fleet Leasing Operation, you can save your investment. Monthly rent invoices, which are issued every month, provide direct tax expense to your company. The amount of VAT on the rental bill will be deducted from the VAT that your company will pay for the first month following, which creates a tax advantage.
Provides Advantage in Maintenance – Repair Costs …
Periodic maintenance and repair costs of the vehicles are provided free of charge. We do not deal with malfunctions, maintenance-problems and problems, we always get priority service thanks to our contracted services all over the country and you get the advantage of both you and the car users in your company.
Tire Change Provides Advantage at Costs … The
tires of the vehicles are renewed every 50,000-km, and snow tires are also provided upon request.
Car Insurance and Traffic Insurances Provide Advantages …
Compulsory Traffic Insurances and Respirators of Vehicles are followed and done by us. All the cars you rent are in a helmet.
OGS and HGS Tracking Systems … The basis of the
devices, balance loading, fault / renewal process is done to your site.
Motor Vehicle Tax Advantage Provides …
Motor vehicle tax payments for January and July are followed and carried out by our team. You do not have to allocate resources and time for these operations.
Provides Time, Personnel and Cash Advantages to Operator …
Registration of Vehicles, Taxes of Motor Vehicles, Exhaust Stamps, Testimonials, Periodical Maintenance and Repairs, Parts Expenses, Tire Changes and Chain etc. you do not have predictable power and seasonal costs. You do not need technical staff to manage this filo and follow these operations on a calendar basis.
Accident Management and Replacement Vehicle Advantages …
Fleet Rents are assigned a new vehicle immediately after receipt of Traffic Accident Detection Minutes. With substitute tools, you and your employees will continue to operate your business activities as planned.
Provides Emergency Solution and Assistive Service Advantage … Assistance
provides all kinds of detail information about the vehicles, including 7 days and 24 hours road assistance.
Monthly Fixed Payment Guarantees …
You do your payments as you use installments. You will be able to fix your payments on a monthly basis and make your budget according to this payment plan, without encountering unexpected expenses or unexpected surprises that may happen in the future.
Wide Vehicle Fleet Provides Flexibility and Convenience of Convenience Advantages … When
you think your vehicles are old, you can renew your contracts and get new ones. This gives the company the advantage of effective cost control and on-the-spot evaluation of potential developments.