Customer Relation

FILOZOF aims to provide high quality service that can respond to the expectations of our customers. It helps us and you to identify the shortcomings of getting and giving services.

Therefore, your comments on how we do our work are very important for FILOZOF. Your feedback on satisfaction and your complaints will provide us with an idea of ​​how we do our work, while the feedback will answer questions like ‘what we need to fix’ and ‘how can we provide better quality service’.

In these cases FILOZOF identifies and regulates corrections to the necessary matters.
At the end of our appropriate research, if our customer is right in his complaint, he works to make up for our mistakes and goes back to the operational processes that we have implemented and informs our customers about the changes.

If you are satisfied with the service we have presented, please share your satisfaction with FILOzof. Your appreciation will increase our desire for service while raising our motivation.

You can use the communication options below to easily communicate your complaints and pleasures to us.

a) Phone: By reaching the “Customer Relations” authority on our phone number 0 (216) 449 9 800.
b) Fax: 0 (216) 449 98 02 by fax notification
c) E-mail: by sending an email to